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Boosting Operational Efficiency

Finally: Tangible reduction of expense ratio. Measured


Because It’s a Dead-End

Core operational systems are built on concepts that have not changed in the last 40 years, since the dawn of computerization:

“Applications are menu-driven, leading to screens for data entry, viewing, and updating data representing business entities.”

This approach is a showstopper in terms of improving efficiency.

Two Points to Ponder

  • Operational efficiency has been a top priority for insurance companies for over a decade.

However, how many have truly succeeded in effectively reducing their expense ratio?



  • There are so many innovations aimed at improving insurance companies' loss ratio.

Why does the expense ratio seem almost neglected?


It’s Time to Evolve

No worry – the existing applications can and even should remain in place. Their logic and databases are just fine.

The breakthrough hides in changing the point of view:

The role of employees is to perform tasks, not to manipulate data.

Mosaics Has the Magic Wand:

A Holistic, Cloud-Ready Platform that Boosts Operational Efficiency

Dramatically shortens the duration of core operational processes

Ensures compliance with company rules and regulations

Sharpens decision-making

Automates every step that does not require user discretion

Seamlessly integrates with existing legacy and other systems

The Value In Action: Real-Life Case Study

Inefficient, To Say the Least

25-minute process + 80-page Procedures & Rules book

Poor User Experience

40 outdated legacy screens and 5 unlinked applications

Inevitable data entry errors, inaccurate decisions, and non-compliance with company rules and regulations

Numerous manual tasks and excessive document handling

Extensive learning curve and heavy reliance on expertise

With Mosaics:
Task-Driven, Optimized Operational Process

5 times faster!

Only 1 application with only 3 screens

No manual tasks and optimized document handling

Company rules and regulations are embedded

Quick to learn, no expertise needed

Mosaics Product Suite

Mosaics Users Accelerator

Task-Driven Human-Interface for ultimate productivity and quality of performance

Mosaics Legacy Runner

High-resolution, non-intrusive legacy integration engine


Mosaics Operations Optimizer

End-to-end streamlined operational infrastructure


Mosaics Users Accelerator

Task-Driven Human-Interface for Ultimate Productivity and Quality of Performance


Mosaics Legacy Runner

High-resolution, Non-Intrusive Legacy Integration Engine

Total Legacy Integration as Commodity

Mosaics Legacy Runner provides a low-code, non-intrusive platform for legacy integration.


It enables junior developers without any subject matter expertise to become fully competent in just an hour of self-training, allowing them to implement complex services within hours.

Brand New AI-Supported Version

Decades of evolving experience suddenly converged in a dramatic revolution

From "Services" to "Full Service"

Mosaics Legacy Runner automates manual 'user journeys.' Legacy systems remain 100% untouched, without exception.


It offers full lifecycle support—design, development, and testing, as well as management of updates to legacy systems.


Task-driven applications often need multiple services along user tasks, with each legacy system's user journey picking up where the last one left off. Mosaics Legacy Runner  uniquely supports this "stateful" behavior.

It enables the delivery of a significantly higher number of services per time unit at a substantially lower effort and cost


Mosaics Operations Optimizer


Digital enterprise – beyond data entry and analysis

End-to-End Streamlined Operational Infrastructure

Configurable to reflect precise operational tasks

Covers the entire spectrum of operations beyond the application itself

Automates all tasks that do not require human intervention

Provides integrated, unified façade

Don’t Get Confused

With great technologies that do not meet the challenges

We are not RPA

RPA tools are designed to automate repetitive workflows across applications that can be performed without human intervention. Typically, this is applicable to a limited portion of core operational processes.

They are not built to automate interaction with legacy systems in between steps in tasks that require human intervention and discretion.

They are sensitive to any change in the existing workflows, which must be replaced to achieve real efficiency improvement.

We are not a JavaScript Library

JavaScript Libraries require front-end programmers.

The quality of UX depends on the skills and commitment of the development team.

Building a truly optimal user experience cannot be achieved within any time or budgetary constraints.

We are not BPM

BPM tools handle just a small piece of the end-to-end operational process.


Their front-end development tools aren't suited for complex tasks.

They require extensive and costly customization.

Building an integrated workbench with a unified look & feel is expensive and, practically, never happens.

Achieving smooth integration with the application is too complex.

We do not create APIs or Web Services

They require top subject matter experts (often the most occupied).

Development is complex and risky. They are very sensitive to ongoing changes in the legacy systems.

They are "stateless" by nature and do not support the granularity required to provide a high-quality user experience.

About Us

Yuval Moneta, Founder & CEO:

  • LinkedIn

"We founded the Company based on over three decades of profound experience in understanding how applications and technologies impact enterprise businesses.

Over time, we became experts:

Gaining deep knowledge of enterprises, their business processes, and operations.

Mastering both modern and legacy applications and technologies.


Leading numerous modernization projects.

Understanding the nuances of how employees interact with enterprise applications.

We invented Mosaics."

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